About Way2Go

«Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you – because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.»  Roald Dahl

The bold aim of Way2Go is to make this site your favourite getaway to the world, serving both as an inspiration and a source of knowledge and insight.

W2G acknowledges that most of those we cater to already are seasoned travellers. Therefore we need to go further – and deeper. Hopefully our stories and news reporting will inspire our readers to travel more conscientiously and contribute to awareness of the challenges our world faces.

We believe that travel opens the mind, breaks barriers and in the end makes the world a better place. Modern man has always been a traveller, since he and she migrated out of Africa more than 70 000 years ago, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

With this site we hope to nudge you a little bit in the right, sustainable direction.

Happy travelling!



Behind the scenes

Bjørn Moholdt, editor and founder (Foto: Roger Borgelid)
Bjørn Moholdt, founder and editor-in-chief

Bjørn started out his writing and photographic career in his home town newspaper, first as a freelance, subsequently as sports writer and news editor.

Moving to the capital, after a short interlude as editor in the daily Osloavisen, feature writing became his vehicle, and for the last 20 years Bjørn has worked full time as a travel writer and –photographer.

For eight years his major commitment was as editor-in-chief in Reiser & ferie, at the time Norway’s leading travel magazine.

Since then he has travelled the world for prestigious magazines, web sites and newspapers such as Reis (editor), Travel News (editor-in-chief), VG, Dagbladet, Vi Menn and ABC Nyheter to mention but a few.

The fire is still burning…

Lise Lotte Winther-Bay, editor
Lise Lotte Winther-Bay (Foto: Bjørn Moholdt)

Lise’s current passion is to create podcasts for Way2Go. Her devotion to the medium is influenced by her days as a radio host at NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation).

During her long tenure as feature writer for the famed Norwegian weekly family magazine Norsk Ukeblad she also excelled as a travel reporter – often in cahoots with Way2Go’s Editor-in-Chief.

She is now ready to take on new challenges. One of her special interests is to seek out and evaluate hotels around the world, and with Way2Go she has found the perfect outlet.






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